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                                          THE DOCTOR AND MARIA THERESA



         Available now for the first time in paperback with the added BONUS of a wonderful new, never
         before published Introduction written by Norma Goodrich late in her life. Enjoy this wonderful
         story set in the 1920's as Goodrich tells the tale of a young girl who traveled everywhere with
         her grandfather, the local doctor. She carried his medical case and served as his assistant. She saw
         death and she saw life. He would tell her of his boyhood and falling in love with her grandmother.
         The story continues through the 1920's until the day the doctor sensed that everyone would soon
         feel the terrible changes that lay ahead.

         Be sure you purchase this paperback version with the red cover and New Introduction oval. This is
         the ONLY edition that includes the new material, all for less than $14.00.

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                                                                                      Released in 2013

                                                           THE JUNGLE OF ACADEME
                                   The Poetry of Norma Lorre Goodrich

Written over the lifetime career, this collection of poetry by Dr. Norma Lore Goodrich has never before been published. She dated each when she wrote them and they are now compiled into this wonderful collection available for fans and friends alike. Get your brand new copy today on Amazon.com

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