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The fascinating true stories of the women who ruled the ancient world. Brings to life the powerful yet neglected women--priestesses from Asia Minor to Ireland--who influenced the formation of Western civilization.

AMAZON Reviews:

"Such a comprehensive analysis of the priestesses of various cults and different cultures. Goodrich also features relevant myths and illustrations. For anyone curious about what priestess life in the ancient world meant, this is the book to read." A reviewer (August 2015)

"This great work by Norma Lorre Goodrich has been absolutely invaluable to my research into such areas as the Oracle at Delphi, the Cumaean Sibyl, the legendary Amazons, and many other topics for which information is hard (at least) to find. Ms. Goodrich uses resources to their full extent. At times it seems to be amazing that she has been able to combine so many ancient materials to come up with valid, comprehensible portraits of histories that would be forgotten without her scholarly persistence. This is a book that I recommend to all scholars. I've used it to great extent on my web site, Morgana's Observatory, THE only source of such material that I've been able to find. Ms. Goodrich brings ancient history (herstory) to life!"  -A Reviewer, Upstate, NY 

"Ms. Goodrich did an excellent job. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in womens studies, either a beginner or someone well versed in womens studies. " -A Customer

" A very good book on the women that Christianity hid from history for years. Much good information, interesting pictures, and an overall excellent effort by Ms. Goodrich. Brava!" -A Customer

"To explore the lives of priestesses, who were once glamorous women at the center of civilization, Norma Lorre Goodrich has collected evidence from innumerable sources around the world. Echoing her previous works on ancient and medieval myths, "Priestesses" recovers lost knowledge. Due in no small part to age-old fears of matriarchal societies, these once honored women -- Amazons, the Cumaean Sibyl of Rome, Druid priestesses, Vestal Virgins, Medusa, the Oracles at Delphi, queens reigning in Egypt, Turkey, Libya, and Syria -- have all been denigrated and dismissed, and stripped from the history texts. Remembrance of these marvelous women draws on the work of such scholars of mythology as Sigmund Freud, Joseph Campbell, Robert Graves, and Sir James Frazer. Inquiry has led to a new study of ancient historians and classical scholars, which in turn has revealed the thousands of priestesses who lived throughout the ancient world, from Asia Minor to Ireland. They emerge in full glory once more -- queens, princesses, temple dancers, warriors, and religious who over the centuries had commanded the most sacred rites. With more than one million copies of her books in print, and recent worldwide recognition for her discovery of King Arthur's castles. Normal Lorre Goodrich has triumphed in this, the most formidable task she has yet demanded of herself. The centuries-old battle waged by malevolent or ill-informedturies-old  historians against heroic women and their matriarchal societies has denied these women their rightful places in history. Today, they have been restored to honor." -Linda Lange, Taos, NM 


The third book in the acclaimed historical series that began with King Arthur and Merlin. The world's most important Arthurian expert presents a riveting portrait of the darkly complex woman known only through legend.

AMAZON Reviews:

"This is not some romantic fantasy concocted for entertainment. I would not recommend it for young readers. I highly recommend it for those with a strong interest in history. Although I am a women's history buff (NOT an academic expert) I found information in this book that I have not found anywhere else. Perhaps such information could be found in some stuffy academic book in a university library, but for the general reading public with an interest in history (especially those who already know that history is not as romantic as it is sometimes portrayed) this book has fascinating information that I have not found elsewhere. In fact, the chapters on Guinevere's grave were among the most interesting." -A Customer

"After studying ancient history for 43 years, especially that of the Dark Ages, I found that Ms. Goodrich's detective work into the life of Guanhumara (Guinevere) the most accurate that I have ever come upon. She is to be commended for her thorough search into linguistics and other areas that have never been used to impart ancient historical knowledge. It's about time someone got the story right!" -A Customer

My Mother named me Guinevere. I am thankful to Norma Goodrich for clearing up the issue of the name being associated with infidelity and dishonor. Often times I would be the brunt of jokes relating to Lancelot. At least now I have some rebuttal. Being a historian myself, putting the Arthurian legend in the 5th Century is makes sense. Goodrich's style does get off track and at times gives too much information without conclusion, causing confusion. I agree with other reviewers that her writing should be better. The writer John McPhee comes to mind as one who can reveal a subject such as geography/geology and make it exciting." -A Customer, Seattle, WA

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